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Django Rest Framework, Testing ImageField

I start developing a web API with Django rest framework lately. So It was a little bit challenging for me to write the test for ImageField because I am not so familiar with Django environment.

So I just publish how I got over the problem. Maybe it helps someone out there.

In my case, It was a simple category app with photo field. All we need to do is populate the field with an image file but the trick is that the request format must be ‘multipart‘.


Check Domain

Python Domain Name Checker

I was really tired about checking whois websites to learn about a domain’s whois information. So I found a nice python library which is Python-Whois and it is under “Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License” then I decided to put an end to this misery for myself and created a GUI by using python-whois and pygtk libraries so that I can use it any time easily without open a browser from my desktop.

Well I must admit that my application’s appearance does not look well 😀 but I think it does the job. You can see the screenshots below.

Screenshot-Check Domain-1 Check Domain

Click here to go to my github account for the application, but it is still as py file so feel free to contribute. By the way I wrote that application with version 2.7 of python.

Happy coding…